Visualize Your Business Through Interactive Dashboards

Visualize Your Business Through Interactive Dashboards

Key Insights Are Just a Few Clicks Away

Your business has an overwhelming amount of data regarding its performance, opportunities, and risks. How do you see through the data forest and grasp the key drivers of your business? Interactive dashboards provide the ultimate solution.

Polyscope can transform your spreadsheets and data files into an interactive dashboard that simplifies and quickens your route to key insights. After customizing and launching the dashboard, we can maintain it for you going forward.

Our Portfolio

Polyscope develops and maintains the following kinds of interactive dashboards. We will customize the dashboard based on your specific and unique requirements.

Private Equity DashboardsZoom

See what’s driving your IRR

Private Equity Dashboards

Due to the multitude of portfolio companies owned by each fund, private equity executives are overwhelmed with overflowing data and countless spreadsheets. Polyscope’s Private Equity Dashboard provides a singular, holistic, and interactive screen. It helps you understand which portfolio companies are driving fund-level performance, and provides you with a financial review of each portfolio company.

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Executive Dashboards

Simplify your route to insights
See your business holistically

Executive Dashboards

Polyscope's Executive Dashboard provides self‐serviced access to a broad scope of company information: finance, marketing, operations, and more. It enables you to view performance holistically, reach detail level information quickly, and toggle across business units or branch locations instantaneously.

Financial DashboardsZoom

Simplify the complexity of your financial review

Financial Dashboards

With Polyscope's Financial Dashboard, you can delve into revenue, costs, and margins as well as toggle across the company's dimensions with ease and speed. Business unit performance and the income statement are analyzed interactively and visually. Since this dashboard can connect directly to your systems or data files, you can eliminate the manual work of updating financial reports.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) DashboardsZoom

Monitor your operation’s performance

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboards

KPIs provide an objective measurement of the success of company operations. Polyscope's KPI Dashboard enables you to interactively view operational trends within a particular business unit or broadly across the entire business. KPIs should be viewed in the context of their targets and associated financial impact.

Branch Performance DashboardsZoom

Monitor all your locations in one place

Branch Performance Dashboards

For companies that operate many branches, gathering performance information for any branch can be time consuming. Polyscope's Branch Performance Dashboard enables you to reach the performance analytics for any branch by touching or clicking the branch’s location on a map.

Broker‐Dealer DashboardsZoom

BD reporting on one screen

Broker‐Dealer Dashboards

Broker‐dealer managers need quick and robust analytics to monitor internal performance and operations. Polyscope’s Broker‐Dealer Dashboard provides a holistic screen for monitoring your institutional client base, compensation costs, trading desk profitability, and income statement. Polyscope has Series 27 FINOP experience to customize and deliver the Broker‐Dealer Dashboard.

Market Position DashboardsZoom

Monitor your competitive landscape

Market Position Dashboards

Understanding the trends and dynamics of your competitive landscape can often be challenging. Market ranking and shares information is typically communicated through various spreadsheets, presentation files, and emails. Polyscope's Market Position Dashboard consolidates this information onto one screen, and enables you to track the competition and visualize the competitive landscape both holistically and interactively.

About Polyscope

About Polyscope

Polyscope Dashboards LLC is a consulting firm specializing in interactive dashboards and performance analytics. We help clients transform their spreadsheets and data files into dashboards and analytics that improve visibility, save time, and align teams.

Polyscope Services

Polyscope Services

Polyscope offers dashboard development and maintenance services to clients. Our diverse industry and management experience enables us to work directly with any part of your organization, and to quickly understand your visualization and reporting needs.

Leo Cheung

Leo Cheung, CFA
President and Founder
Polyscope Dashboards LLC

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Management Bio

Leo began his career in capital markets and later diversified his industry experience by joining a communications solutions company and a marine terminal operations company. His diverse managerial experience includes dashboards and analytics, financial planning and analysis, investment fund accounting, investor relations, channel marketing, sales operations, broker‐dealer finance and operations (FINRA Series 27), and trading and financial systems analysis.

Leo developed and launched a management dashboard that tracks fund performance and deal flow for a private equity firm. Before that, he developed and launched a financial dashboard for over forty users, including two tablet users, at the largest private‐equity‐owned marine terminal operations company in the U.S. He holds a MBA and BS in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.