Dashboards Simplify Visualization

The adoption of dashboards and analytics has become a top priority for enterprises of all sizes and industries.

The business case is quite compelling. Dashboards enable managers to:

  • CheckmarkImprove Visibility
  • CheckmarkSave Time
  • CheckmarkAlign Teams

Why do you need a dashboard?

Your business has an overwhelming amount of data regarding its performance, opportunities, and risks. How do you handle all of that data and visualize the key drivers of your business performance? Interactive dashboards provide the ultimate solution. Polyscope develops and customizes interactive dashboards that enable you to quickly and easily visualize a broad scope of information and access key insights on demand.

Improve Visibility

Improved Visibility

All metrics are viewed graphically and interactively. Trends, variances, risks, and anomalies stand out visually. No more reading verbiage and tabulated data from many pages of spreadsheet reports and presentation files. See the big picture and crucial insights on one holistic dashboard screen.

Transform Overwhelming Data into Actionable and Holistic Insights

Save Time

Save Time

Information from many departments and systems is consolidated into the dashboard. Delve into and toggle across the business interactively. No more searching through spreadsheets, presentation files, folders, and emails. Actionable insights are reached within a few clicks or touches.

Reach Insights on Demand

Align Teams

Align Teams

All managers get a consistent view of the targeted metrics and their individual contributions towards those targets. This fosters internal alignment, accountability, and focus on the core set of strategic and operational goals. The dashboard promotes a results-oriented culture.

Align Teams on the Core Goals

Save More Time

Save More Time

The dashboard can feed from spreadsheets or systems. With the inherent automation, analysts avoid tedious data entry to focus their time on analysis. Managers get efficient business reviews, make informed decisions, and see the most relevant metrics.

Produce Insights More Efficiently

About Polyscope

About Polyscope

Polyscope Dashboards LLC is a consulting firm specializing in interactive dashboards and performance analytics. We help clients transform their spreadsheets and data files into dashboards and analytics that improve visibility, save time, and align teams.

Polyscope Services

Polyscope Services

Polyscope offers dashboard development and maintenance services to clients. Our diverse industry and management experience enables us to work directly with any part of your organization, and to quickly understand your visualization and reporting needs.

Leo Cheung

Leo Cheung, CFA
President and Founder
Polyscope Dashboards LLC

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Management Bio

Leo began his career in capital markets and later diversified his industry experience by joining a communications solutions company and a marine terminal operations company. His diverse managerial experience includes dashboards and analytics, financial planning and analysis, investment fund accounting, investor relations, channel marketing, sales operations, broker‐dealer finance and operations (FINRA Series 27), and trading and financial systems analysis.

Leo developed and launched a management dashboard that tracks fund performance and deal flow for a private equity firm. Before that, he developed and launched a financial dashboard for over forty users, including two tablet users, at the largest private‐equity‐owned marine terminal operations company in the U.S. He holds a MBA and BS in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.